Easy italian to survive on italian beaches

Easy italian to survive on italian beachesIf you are on vacation to Italy, you should at least know these basic sentences in order to undestand what the people are saying.

Sometimes, in fact, you can find some lifeguards who don’t speak English,so in order to talk with them, you should know at least some very common senteces that are used on the beach.

Here there are some. Read them, learn it by heart and… enjoy your vacation!

Excuse me, where I can find the lifeguard?
Scusi, dov’e’ che posso trovare il bagnino?

An ice-cream, please.
Un gelato, per favore.

Do you have any sun cream?
Avete della crema solare?

Do you have any after sun?
Avete del doposole?

What time does the beach close?
A che ora chiude lo stabilimento?

What time does the beach open?
A che ora apre lo stabilimento?

Is the water deep there?
L’acqua e’ molto profonda li’?

How much does it cost an ice-cream?
Quanto costa un gelato?

Do not go to the rocks.
Non andare agli scogli.

Is this beach private or public?
Questa spiaggia e’ pubblica o privata?

Is it possible to fish?
Si puo’ pescare?

Lifeguard, help!
Aiuto, bagnino!

Lifeguard, I don’t know how to swim, help!
Bagnino, non so nuotare, aiuto!

I would like to buy some fresh fish.
Vorrei comprare del pesce fresco.

Could you tell me where I can buy some fresh fish?
Mi potrebbe cortesemente dire dove posso prendere del pesce fresco?

I need to buy a new bathing suite.
Ho bisogno di comprare un altro costume.

This sand is too hot!
La sabbia brucia tantissimo!

Excuse me, can we seat here?
Scusi, possiamo sederci?

Is the sea nicer today?
Il mare e’ caldo oggi?

Could you put me some sun cream on, please?
Potresti gentilmente mettermi della crema, per favore?

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