Old Pasadena, a must-go premier destination

pasadenaLocated only 15 minutes northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Old Pasadena is a premier destination for tourists who love world-class shopping, dining, arts and entertainment.

Being at the heart of what can be called a wonderful and interesting adventure, the city is situated at approximately 30 minutes away from the three major airports, having a convenient access to Hollywood, the beaches and Disneyland. (more…)

Cioccolatò: the chocolate festival in Turin

If you are a chocolate addicted, do not miss this great event in Turin. It’s called “Cioccolatò”, which is a word that mixes “cioccolato” (chocolate) and “Torino” (Turin), underlining the importance of the festival in the Piedmontese region.

Until last year it was held during the month of March, in fact so many people booked both train and plane tickets to come here next week, but unfortunately they will be disappointed. As written on the official website, in fact, starting from this year they have changed the date, postponing it to the month of November, in order to have more time to organize it. (more…)

An unusual Rome at Easter with the app iCamilliani

Unusual rome at easterThe Easter weekend is near and it is the ideal opportunity for a trip. Rome is definitely one of the most beloved destinations.

Most people know the monuments, its beautiful churches and the remains of its glorious past. But there is a hidden Rome, yet to be discovered, that is Rome of St. Camillus de Lellis.

With the app iCamilliani, available for free for all the smart-phones, you can retrace the steps of the life of this extraordinary man and saint who founded a company of “pious and honest” men that starting from the eternal city revolutionized the world of health care. (more…)

The Vasari Corridor in Florence: what a treasure!

The Vasari Corridor in Florence is a kilometer long passageway that connects the Uffizi Gallery to the Pitti Palace, and the entrance is located on the first floor of the museum.

You will be able to admire a collection of artwork which are displayed along the Corridor’s walls. They date back the 16th and 17th centuries, and in addition to this, you can also see a special and very unique collection of artists’ self-portraits, including works by Andrea del Sarto or Chagall. (more…)

Facts about Alcatraz

You know Alcatraz, and you have seen so many movies about it, but do you really know all the facts related to it?

This post wants to highlight some interesting curiosities about the place, in order to give you more details and a better idea of how life was back in time when Alcatraz was used as prison.

1- The cells were never filled to capacity. In fact, the average number of prisoners was around 250-260, and the maximum was about 300. It means they were 336 cells still available which were never used. (more…)

Rome Shore Excursions

Rome shore excursionsLimousine Rome Tour has designed many different tours, over the years, to fulfill all the requirements of customers. In fact, since there are many kinds of holidays and ways of travelling, there is also the necessity to meet various needs.

For all the tourists in Rome who enjoy a cruise trip, Limousine Rome Tour has arranged special pre-cruise and post-cruise tours, so that within some hours you can easily visit the city and its main attractions, take some photos of the most amazing monuments, enjoy some shopping and then proceed with your plans. (more…)