Travelling around Italy: how to do it

travelsIf you like travelling all around the places, find our own way to visit Italy.

Whether in car, tram, bus, bike, scooter, boat or camper, you should try to avoid the tourist routes and use the less-frequented towns and villages.

In this way,you will be able to learn and discover the country lifestyle while moving around mountains, hills and sea. (more…)

Memorial Center in Washington

lincoln memorial centerHow many of you go to the Memorial Center in Washington, having no clue what it is about? This article wants to give you the main information about it, in order to let you enjoy your visit there.

The Lincoln Monument Association got incorporated by the Congress in March 1867, since it was requested to build a memorial to the slain President, but unfortunately no progress has been made until 1901, when the so-called McMillan Commission chose a West Potomac Park site for the memorial. (more…)

The Park of the Po river

The Park of the Po river stretches along the first 60 km of Italy’s longest river, from its sources in Crissolo as far as the city of Casalgrasso, which is located on the border between the Cuneo and the Turin province.

The ranging mountain stream runs through an area of 7.780 hectares and turns into a calm river. Thanks to the very big difference in altitude (3841 meters a.s.l. of Monte Viso to 200 meters a.s.l. in plain), the natural reserves featuring a wide variety of environments, which of course are all fascinating. (more…)

Visiting Castel del Monte, in Puglia

Have you ever felt the impression that you have spent so much time in an Italian region, but you have never explored it? That’s what happens most of the time to Italians too. They think they know a place, but it’s not like that.

If you have the chance to go back to Puglia, go to see the famous 13th century Castel del Monte (literally Castle of the Mount), which is perched up on a hill out in the middle of the Puglian countryside, near Andria, a city famous for its lovely and tasty burrata cheese. (more…)

The fascinating Lake Como

Lake Como, surrounded by mountains, hosts medieval churches, opulent villas and magnificent gardens. That’s why it offers visitors some of the most spectacular scenery that can be seen in Italy. One of the best views of the lake can be admired from Laglio, the town where George Clooney bought a villa.

Traveling along the Strada Regina road, along the lakeside, one of the first stop is Cernobbio, the town hosting the famous villa Villa Erba, associated to the Italian director Luchino Visconti. It  is another very interesting place to visit and it’s a popular lakeside celebrity hang out: you can find some of the Hollywood actors and actresses walking around Piazza Rinascimento. (more…)

The Tuscan Maremma

The Maremma is that area of  Tuscany which was the heartland of the Etruscans stretches during the past.

After the Etruscan era, the area deteriorated and became infested by malarial mosquito. This is why it was inhabited only by shepherds or cowboys, the so-called “butteri”.

It’s only during the 50’s that the mosquitos were eliminated once and for all. Finally the place turned out to be one of the last unspoilt stretches of the Italian coastline. (more…)