The “cappellacci” Italian pasta

You know Italy is very famous in all over the world for its pasta. Everyone who visits the country wants to eat it at least once a day, tasting it with several souces.

Most of the people think there is just one type of pasta, saying only the shape is different.

True or false? False. It’s absolutely wrong! Do not even try to say it to any of the Italians: they would probably be offended.

Every pasta, in fact, has a particular history, as explained in the great book by Oretta Zanini De Vita, called “Encyclopedia of Pasta”. As the title suggests, you do not need only a book, but a encyclopedia. Could you even imagine it?

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Easy italian to survive on italian beaches

Easy italian to survive on italian beachesIf you are on vacation to Italy, you should at least know these basic sentences in order to undestand what the people are saying.

Sometimes, in fact, you can find some lifeguards who don’t speak English,so in order to talk with them, you should know at least some very common senteces that are used on the beach.

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Not just sea spa holiday in Bibione in the name of wellness and health

holiday in bibioneWashed by the clean and safe waters, with a wide golden beach nestled in a dense and lush vegetation, Bibione is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable stay between sea and nature, but also to live, in every season, a wonderful spa vacation.

Open all year round and by the sea, Bibione Thermae is a prestigious and innovative health and spa center where you can enjoy the valuable benefits of thermal waters, excellent care, rehabilitative therapy and rejuvenating wellness treatments. All thanks to the extraordinary therapeutic value of the water and the mud of this famous town.

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Memorial Center in Washington

lincoln memorial centerHow many of you go to the Memorial Center in Washington, having no clue what it is about? This article wants to give you the main information about it, in order to let you enjoy your visit there.

The Lincoln Monument Association got incorporated by the Congress in March 1867, since it was requested to build a memorial to the slain President, but unfortunately no progress has been made until 1901, when the so-called McMillan Commission chose a West Potomac Park site for the memorial.

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Cioccolatò: the chocolate festival in Turin

If you are a chocolate addicted, do not miss this great event in Turin. It’s called “Cioccolatò”, which is a word that mixes “cioccolato” (chocolate) and “Torino” (Turin), underlining the importance of the festival in the Piedmontese region.

Until last year it was held during the month of March, in fact so many people booked both train and plane tickets to come here next week, but unfortunately they will be disappointed. As written on the official website, in fact, starting from this year they have changed the date, postponing it to the month of November, in order to have more time to organize it.

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An unusual Rome at Easter with the app iCamilliani

Unusual rome at easterThe Easter weekend is near and it is the ideal opportunity for a trip. Rome is definitely one of the most beloved destinations.

Most people know the monuments, its beautiful churches and the remains of its glorious past. But there is a hidden Rome, yet to be discovered, that is Rome of St. Camillus de Lellis.

With the app iCamilliani, available for free for all the smart-phones, you can retrace the steps of the life of this extraordinary man and saint who founded a company of “pious and honest” men that starting from the eternal city revolutionized the world of health care.

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