Old Pasadena, a must-go premier destination

pasadenaLocated only 15 minutes northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Old Pasadena is a premier destination for tourists who love world-class shopping, dining, arts and entertainment.

Being at the heart of what can be called a wonderful and interesting adventure, the city is situated at approximately 30 minutes away from the three major airports, having a convenient access to Hollywood, the beaches and Disneyland. (more…)

The Mosque of Sayyindna al-Hussein in Cairo

The Mosque of Sayyindna al-HusseinThe Mosque of Sayyindna al-Hussein in Cairo is one of the mosques in the city to be considered too sacred to allow non-Muslims to enter.

That is why, even if it is a very interesting place to visit, tourists cannot go inside. In fact, it contains one of the most holy relics of the Islam: Al-Hussein’s head, who happens to be the Prophet’s grandson. (more…)

Travelling around Italy: how to do it

travelsIf you like travelling all around the places, find our own way to visit Italy.

Whether in car, tram, bus, bike, scooter, boat or camper, you should try to avoid the tourist routes and use the less-frequented towns and villages.

In this way,you will be able to learn and discover the country lifestyle while moving around mountains, hills and sea. (more…)

Tips on how to avoid an upset stomach while traveling in New Zealand

Tips on how to avoid an upset stomach while traveling in New ZealandOne of the main reasons why people travel all over the world is to experience other cultures, and food is a big part of a country’s background. It is imperative that when one is in a foreign land, the delicacies which that place is famous for should be sampled. For example, a trip to New Zealand will not be complete without sampling their famous dishes as enumerated by (more…)