The Park of the Po river

The Park of the Po river stretches along the first 60 km of Italy’s longest river, from its sources in Crissolo as far as the city of Casalgrasso, which is located on the border between the Cuneo and the Turin province.

The ranging mountain stream runs through an area of 7.780 hectares and turns into a calm river. Thanks to the very big difference in altitude (3841 meters a.s.l. of Monte Viso to 200 meters a.s.l. in plain), the natural reserves featuring a wide variety of environments, which of course are all fascinating.

In Revello you can also visit the nature museum of the Po river, which is housed into an old palace and visited every year by thousand of people.

In Casteldelfino, a town which is situated in the Varaita valley, there is a center all dedicated to the Avelè wood: here you see a full-scale diorama of the Swiss stone pine forest, considered one of the most interesting natural sites in Europe. It turns to be very visited both from tourists and wood experts, due to the fact that is a unique occasion.

The park, then, encompasses different natural reserves, such as Pian del Re, having the Po sources and the Fiorenza, Chiaretto and Superiore lakes, and the confluences of the Bronda, Pellice and Varaita torrents.

Teachers and families like to bring the children there, to learn something from the local area and see it live instead of reading some boring books. It is also a great chance to the children to be in contact with nature, since they can run free on the grass, walk with dogs, play with friends and enjoy the mountain, between it becomes all white full of snow.

It is also a great occasion for adults, who can breath some fresh air without thinking about answering their cell phones and be worried about their job: there is no network coverage up there…