Visiting Taormina to travel back in time

Taormina is one of the most famous Italian scities. Located in Sicily, the place inspired not writers of the caliber of Goethe, Maupassant and Wilde, but also stylists such as Dior, and pf course a long list of kings, and princesses who wanted to spent at least one holiday there.

It is not hard at all imaging why: the city has fashionable beaches, dating back the Hellenic period. The Greek presence can be seen in the well-known theater which is composed by two impressive Corinthian columns. In
the same area there are the rests of a Greek temple, which was one of the most important ones back in that time. There is also the so-called Antiquarium, a small museum where there are treasures of the ancient city.

Taormina hosts some palaces, such as the medieval Palazzo Corvaja, which looks like a castle, and it is an example of different architectural styles: the Arabian, the Norman and the Gothic. The Cathedral, which you can’t
miss at all, was built during the 14th century, and it is located near the elegant houses in the historic center.

If you like the archaeological staff, you have to go to Naxon, which is located just a few kilometers from Taormina.It is also known as Giardini-Naxos. There, you can find not only an amazing sea, but also some tombs dating back to the bronze age, and the ruins of a temple which was built in the 5th century B.C.

During the past this town was even more important than Taormina, since it was also larger. Now it is famous especially becaus of the Schisò Castle, which looks over your with an imposing sight and the Church of Santa Maria Raccomandata.

You will feel like going back in time, when strangers and outsiders were bossing the island and there was no trace of a possible future Italian country.