Cioccolatò: the chocolate festival in Turin

If you are a chocolate addicted, do not miss this great event in Turin. It’s called “Cioccolatò”, which is a word that mixes “cioccolato” (chocolate) and “Torino” (Turin), underlining the importance of the festival in the Piedmontese region.

Until last year it was held during the month of March, in fact so many people booked both train and plane tickets to come here next week, but unfortunately they will be disappointed. As written on the official website, in fact, starting from this year they have changed the date, postponing it to the month of November, in order to have more time to organize it.

So, save the date for this fall and if you have the chance to be in the neighborhood, go to Turin to taste all the chocolate you want!

Let’s see what this festival is about: in the main square of the city centre, Piazza Vittorio, which also happens to be the biggest square with arches in Europe, you can find a very specific path made by so many chocolate stands, each one having a specific kind of chocolate: dark, milk, white, fondant, etc.

Not only you can taste the chocolate, but you can also participate to some taste workshops, meet great chefs and learn more about the history, the culture and the tradition of the Italian chocolate.

Moreover, there is also a series of cultural events related to this festival, since Cioccolatò mixes the important of the local food and the cultural animation activities which are related to the Gianduiotto, the Piedmontese symbol of a long local tradition.

In November you will be able to see all the beautiful lights and decoration the city offers to celebrate Christmas and it will be wonderful eating chocolate under all these golden, blue and red lights.