Learn english abroad: why and where.

Learn English AbroadWhat’s the best way to learn English? To learn it abroad. We have to remember that English is the most important language in today’s world.

We can understand the importance of this language if we think that one in four people study English as foreign language and that 375 million people speak it as their mother tongue.

There are many reasons why we should all learn this language: first of all, English is the universal language of the Internet, it’s the language of science, business and technology and so it’s the most widely spoken language in the world. For that reason, if you want to have success in your work, you have to improve your English.

In almost every city there is a language school where you can learn English, and this is also a great opportunity to make a trip abroad.

You can find the best solution on the internet. Visiting the site of LAL Language Centres, you can choose between many solutions. Here there are English language schools for adults and young learners and you can choose where to study: England, Malta & Gozo, USA or South Africa.

You can choose between a course of general, intensive, business English in London or Torbay, but also in Silema or Gozo, in Cape Town or Fort Lauderdale. In Torbay (England) you can attend a low cost course. In fact, LAL offers low cost English courses throughout the year.

This course costs less than a third of the cheapest general English course, but teachers are fully-qualified. If you are a person over 40 and you want to learn English abroad, LAL offers you a special course for mature students. You can attend this course in Silema.

But this is not all, because LAL offers other kinds of courses too. If you want to learn English for everyday life, then you can attend an English Plus course, which is designed to provide lessons in a real life context.