Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro, you can’t miss one of the most loved neighborhood of the city, which is Santa Teresa. The cidade maravilhosa (in English marvellous city), in fact, combines different elements all together, and Santa Teresa is the area in which you can feel all this energy, vitality and happiness.

This zone of the city looks like pretty strange to tourists, who go there thinking that Rio, since it is a big city, has an enormous traffic and noise. And this is
true, in fact, but Santa Teresa is different from other ares since you don’t feel traffic at all. That’s totally strange, if you think that the city has over 11 million people. How can it be possible?

Santa Teresa is a very particular setting, remembering the old European plazas, so quit and nice, especially because it is located on the hilltop and it has several colonial mansions and cobblestone streets. Due to this, streets are so green and full of trees, and you could be lucky and see some birds and
monkeys playing on them, in particular on the banana trees.

It’s a lovely spot to take all the pictures you want, since you cannot find so many other places like this. Spend time walking around and seeing local street
artists, going to some open-sided bars and chilling around.

If you prefer visiting places, go to the pretty Largo das Neves square, where there is a small white-washed church you should see.

And if you want to have wild nights, trying the very well famous Brazilian nightlife, go to Lapa, which is only 10 minutes away by walk. In that area there are a lot of samba clubs and on Fridays it hosts a huge night street party. You don’t have to miss it, since it is so cool and you will have a blast.