Tips on how to avoid an upset stomach while traveling in New Zealand

Tips on how to avoid an upset stomach while traveling in New ZealandOne of the main reasons why people travel all over the world is to experience other cultures, and food is a big part of a country’s background. It is imperative that when one is in a foreign land, the delicacies which that place is famous for should be sampled. For example, a trip to New Zealand will not be complete without sampling their famous dishes as enumerated by Maori hangi (chicken or seafood cooked under a deep hole lined with vegetables), roast lamb (flavored with rosemary and seasonal greens), fish and chips (deep-fried hoki, snapper, and terahiki, often accompanied with squid and scallops), the dessert hokey pokey (vanilla ice cream sprinkled with honeycomb), and Christmas Pavlova (meringue with cream and fresh fruits). When you’ve had a taste of these, then your gastronomic journey is complete.

There are a lot of things to arrange before going on a holiday—you have to pack your things, double-check your hotel accommodations at the Hilton Auckland, and confirm flight details from DialAFlight. These may be the basics, but remember that the most important thing you should prepare is your stomach. Travelers frequently experience upset stomach whenever they take part in New Zealand’s food festivals such as the Bluff Oyster Festival and the Whitianga Scallop Festival, which ruins the entire vacation. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 20%-50% of international tourists experience diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomiting, and bloating when they travel abroad.

How, then, can an upset tummy be avoided? Should you be drinking in a local restaurant, remove the ice cubes from your drink. Opt for bottled water instead of tap water, and make sure that the bottle is sealed before you drink. Raw foods are risky; inspect if meat products are thoroughly cooked before eating them. Always remember to wash your hands before meals in order to get rid of unwanted germs. Carry some pro-biotic supplements wherever you go as these contain good bacteria which helps balance your digestive tract. While walking along market streets you might have the urge to taste the wide array of finger foods offered at a cheap price, but it’s best to just curb the impulse. Bring healthy lightweight food like granola bars as an alternative snack.