Travelling around Italy: how to do it

travelsIf you like travelling all around the places, find our own way to visit Italy.

Whether in car, tram, bus, bike, scooter, boat or camper, you should try to avoid the tourist routes and use the less-frequented towns and villages.

In this way,you will be able to learn and discover the country lifestyle while moving around mountains, hills and sea.

Moreover, that is the best way to find out about the places and their inhabitants, learning how to be warm, friendly and nice like a real Italian.

Travelling this way is pretty much easier during summer, spring and autumn, since the temperature climate.

During winter could be a little bit difficult because of the snow, but even the worse streets are safe and fascinating, ready to treat the tourist in the same way they treat the Italians. The smartest suggestion is to slow down and not speeding that much.

According to the region you want to visit, you will find out a different landscape, so check before starting to travel what kind of places you are interested in. Romantic laggoon or a castle on the hill? Wild adventure on the mountain of a calm staying on the countryside?

Visiting castles, ancient churches and old ruins or modern and contemporary art museum? Typical Italian food with pazza and pizza or international breakfast with eggs and bacon in the morning?

Shopping as first option or visiting places full of history and traditions as choice number one?

It is important to have clearly in mind what you really want, in order not to complain with the choice. The vacation in the city can be totally different from the one spent in small provincial borgoes, and instead of 5-star hotels, you can simply find B&B.

Are you ready for a curious way to explore Italy from North to South? Well done, then. Enjoy it!