Learn Spanish with Escuela de Idiomas “Nerja”

learn spanishIf you are looking for a Spanish language course, there is a good solution for you. In fact, if you want to learn Spanish, the best thing to do is to attend an intensive spanish course in Spain.

The “Escuela de Idiomas Nerja” offers a rich range of Spanish classes in Spain, which suit the needs of the students. There are various types of courses, cultural activities, accommodation options and so on.

Nerja is an Andalusian town near the sea: here you can learn the language and relax at the same time. In this way, learning Spanish will be a pleasure. The school offers accommodation for students ”Club Costa Nerja”.

In regards to the courses, it must be said that there are intensive and super intensive programs. The intensive one provides 20 hours per week in groups of 10 students maximum.

You can choose an intensive course from 1 to 32 weeks. The super intensive one is a course of 30 hours per week and it provides a maximum of 6 students per group.

The duration is from 1 to 16 weeks. You can choose an individual intensive course: a course one to one, of 20 or 30 hours per week. There are also some courses for adults over 50: 15 hours per week, maximum 10 students per group.

There is something for everyone in this school and for this reason you can’t ignore the decision to learn Spanish. But it’s not enough, because there are some courses for you to learn business or tourism in Spanish (these courses are recognized by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce), some courses teach Spanish literature, some courses teach Spanish civilization and so on.

If you want to book your course, you can take the test which can be found on the website: thanks to this simple test you can find out your level of Spanish.

On the site there is also a section in which there are some last minute offers. You can find offers on some courses and on accommodation at a lower price.