Guca trumpet festival

Guca is a very small town situated in the middle of Serbia, and it takes about three hours to get there from the capital city, Belgrade, either by bus or by car because of the unmade road.

If you are fond of music, trumpets and craziness, this is the right place for you, especially during summer. Every August, in fact, this town hosts its famous trumpet festival which welcomes several hundred people from all over the world. During this period the town is studded with tents or vans, and you have a great chance to meet people from all over the world.

The festival is open to those bands who pass preliminary heats, so just those who succeeded can play and show their talent to the visitors and th. Every now and then, people of world renown, such as Goran Bregovic, and take part in the Saturday night celebrations. This is one of the most fascinating moment of this festival, because all the people gather to dance, listen to music, and everyone is carried away not only by music’s rhythm, but also by enthusiasm.

Joining this appointment is also a great opportunity to learn the Serbian culture and habits, and the best time to do it is during the day, when the bands walk through the fair’s booths playing their instruments in order to try to involve visitors with their music. This melody which does not derive from years of studies, but from their hearts, and their memories. Booths sell almost everything, but what strikes more is the impressive number of those that cook pork meat for twelve hours in a row, giving the festival a taste of old-fashioned fair.

This year the entrance is free, so anyone will pay except for those who will arrive with cars. They will have to pay 10 euros.
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