Roma bed and breakfast in centro

BB Roma centroPrenotare un B&B a Roma non sempre risulta essere una cosa semplice e, soprattutto, veloce. La difficoltà, però, non la si incontra tanto nel trovare da prenotare una stanza qualsiasi… Di quelle se ne trovano a volontà nella Capitale, tanta è la domanda – in continuo aumento – di turisti e viaggiatori di ogni genere.

Il problema sorge, invece, quando si vuole trovare a Roma bed and breakfast in centro economico, pulito e con un servizio decente. In poche parole, quando si aggiungono diverse caratteristiche – per lo più basilari – necessarie a soddisfare le proprie esigenze di soggiorno e di alloggio.

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Tips on how to avoid an upset stomach while traveling in New Zealand

Tips on how to avoid an upset stomach while traveling in New ZealandOne of the main reasons why people travel all over the world is to experience other cultures, and food is a big part of a country’s background. It is imperative that when one is in a foreign land, the delicacies which that place is famous for should be sampled. For example, a trip to New Zealand will not be complete without sampling their famous dishes as enumerated by

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The “cappellacci” Italian pasta

You know Italy is very famous in all over the world for its pasta. Everyone who visits the country wants to eat it at least once a day, tasting it with several souces.

Most of the people think there is just one type of pasta, saying only the shape is different.

True or false? False. It’s absolutely wrong! Do not even try to say it to any of the Italians: they would probably be offended.

Every pasta, in fact, has a particular history, as explained in the great book by Oretta Zanini De Vita, called “Encyclopedia of Pasta”. As the title suggests, you do not need only a book, but a encyclopedia. Could you even imagine it?

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Easy italian to survive on italian beaches

Easy italian to survive on italian beachesIf you are on vacation to Italy, you should at least know these basic sentences in order to undestand what the people are saying.

Sometimes, in fact, you can find some lifeguards who don’t speak English,so in order to talk with them, you should know at least some very common senteces that are used on the beach.

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