Rome Shore Excursions

Rome shore excursionsLimousine Rome Tour has designed many different tours, over the years, to fulfill all the requirements of customers. In fact, since there are many kinds of holidays and ways of travelling, there is also the necessity to meet various needs.

For all the tourists in Rome who enjoy a cruise trip, Limousine Rome Tour has arranged special pre-cruise and post-cruise tours, so that within some hours you can easily visit the city and its main attractions, take some photos of the most amazing monuments, enjoy some shopping and then proceed with your plans.

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The traditional “Scoppio del Carro”

If you go to Florence, check on internet if there are some festivals or religious festivities: it can be really interesting to see this kind of things. One of the most curious one, for example, is the so-called “Scoppio del Carro”.

The “Scoppio del Carro”, or the “explosion of the cart” in English, is a ceremony which takes place in Florence mixing pagan and religious elements. It marks both Easter and spring, and all the good things of the years, such as the successful ignition of the cart guarantees good crops and a wonderful stable civic life and bountiful trade. It also represents the passage of the new holy fire which lights the Good Friday.

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London Dungeon: the Capital’s Scariest Attraction

london cityAlthough London, one of the world’s cultural capitals, offers far more than could ever be seen in one day, it is still a great destination for day trips.

With a wide variety of transportation options and dozens of famous attractions, London is the perfect destination for any visit, short or long.

One popular destination for visitors to central London is the London Dungeon. Popular with adults and children alike, the Dungeon showcases horrific and macabre events from centuries of London’s history.

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A day trip in Sintra, near Lisbon

Near Lisbon, in Portugal, there are so many places tourists should visit! All the cities are reachable by train and it takes only 30-40 minutes. So, don’t be too much lazy and get around.

One of these towns where you can spend simply a day is Sintra. Even its melodic name suggests the idea of something magic, like a fairytale place. That’s exactly what it is about: an enchanted town surrounded by the forest which lies on the hills above Lisbon. It’s a magical world of fairytale palaces and enchanted forests in the hills above Lisbon.

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Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro, you can’t miss one of the most loved neighborhood of the city, which is Santa Teresa. The cidade maravilhosa (in English marvellous city), in fact, combines different elements all together, and Santa Teresa is the area in which you can feel all this energy, vitality and happiness.

This zone of the city looks like pretty strange to tourists, who go there thinking that Rio, since it is a big city, has an enormous traffic and noise. And this is
true, in fact, but Santa Teresa is different from other ares since you don’t feel traffic at all. That’s totally strange, if you think that the city has over 11 million people. How can it be possible?

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Visiting Taormina to travel back in time

Taormina is one of the most famous Italian scities. Located in Sicily, the place inspired not writers of the caliber of Goethe, Maupassant and Wilde, but also stylists such as Dior, and pf course a long list of kings, and princesses who wanted to spent at least one holiday there.

It is not hard at all imaging why: the city has fashionable beaches, dating back the Hellenic period. The Greek presence can be seen in the well-known theater which is composed by two impressive Corinthian columns. In
the same area there are the rests of a Greek temple, which was one of the most important ones back in that time. There is also the so-called Antiquarium, a small museum where there are treasures of the ancient city.

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