An interesting tour in Verona

When you think about Verona, you only think about the famous Juliet‘s balcony. But the city definitely offers more than this. For example, have you ever visit her tomb? Located a little bit outside the walls of the city, in the convent of San Francesco al Corso, there is Juliet’s Tomb, which is open to visitors.

They have access to the underground crypt where the sarcophagus is housed via the cloisters. Even if many studies show that there is no way she could have been buried there, thanks to the atmosphere that the ancient church offers, you can forget about it and let you totally believe in this magic sort of legend.

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Food and wine from Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain

One of reasons why Sant Pere de Ribes is very famous is its food, and, of course, its wine. Visiting Spain is more than taking pictures of the main monuments in Barcelona or Madrid. Once tourists are in a foreign country, in fact, they should decide to explore the place in order to understand the local culture.

The fine gastronomy available in Sant Pere de Ribes can be described as traditional, yet with all the creativity typical of the ingredients used in the Mediterranean cuisine.

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Guca trumpet festival

Guca is a very small town situated in the middle of Serbia, and it takes about three hours to get there from the capital city, Belgrade, either by bus or by car because of the unmade road.

If you are fond of music, trumpets and craziness, this is the right place for you, especially during summer. Every August, in fact, this town hosts its famous trumpet festival which welcomes several hundred people from all over the world. During this period the town is studded with tents or vans, and you have a great chance to meet people from all over the world.

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Visit Catania in Sicily Italy

visit catania in sicilyTo the visitors today’ Catania looks like a new city, from the architectural and plannig point of view, 1963 was the year of this city’s birth, after it was completely destroyed during the Etna eruption, and the earthquake.

Wide straight roads, buildings, and churches, uniform in style, decorations and materials, the coherent use of black “lava”, the volcanic stone from Etna, it all points to an organic project: the definition of “Catanese Baroque“.

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Visit the Cinque Terre in Liguria italy

Cinque Terre, are found in Liguria and consist of five fishing villages, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, and extending from Punta a Punta Cavo di Montenero Moresco.

All these villages are of extraordinary beauty and each bay is worth visiting especially Monterosso overlooking a sea of glass with an extended beach known for its treatment of rheumatism and called the Pearl of Vernazza Cinque Terre, has the structure of an ancient village Where is the medieval castle with cylindrical Tower.

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